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    X Open Polish Spochan Championships

    28 mar 2022 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    X Open Polish Championships Spochan (Sports Chanbara) will take place on Sunday, April 24 this year from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at the sports hall of the Podst. 168 in Warsaw, in Saska Kępa at 44 Zwycięzców Street. Registration (start) for the competition until Thursday, April 21. Seniors can choose up to four fight competitions (from K15 – K23) and kihon dosa K24. And here is the full list of competitions of the Polish Modern Samurai Fencing Championships: K1...

    Best wishes to Kancho Okuyama

    28 paź 2020 in Bez kategorii & BLOG & EVENTS

    Due to the global pandemic, the International Karate Seminar planned for this year in Warsaw with master Takemasa Okuyama 10th dan must be postponed to the next year 2021. We are in constant contact with the Master; he conducts trainings every Sunday at Zoom, which students see from different sides the world. We have three YouTube channnels with karate and other martial arts: Karate po polsku, Z miłości do broni białej, Qglarz. Please watch Hanshi’s greetings on the Qglarz YouTube...

    Happy Easter!

    20 kw. 2019 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    Happy Easter  hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz with Family and Instructors! Photo -in action Teresa, our Hanshi’s wife. Trainings in Easter time: we finish regular trainings on Wednesday, April 17th and we will start after Easter also on Wednesday, April 24th.  Of course on 1 – 3 May the Club is closed. We remind you about enrollment for Summer Karate Academy!  

    Kancho Okuyama about World Championships in Serbia

    26 paź 2018 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    Our 21 person (17 competitors) Polish Karate Representation in World Budo Cup in Serbia won the bronze medal in team kumite and won individual 14 medals: two gold, six silver and six bronze medals. Polish Karate Team after seminars with kancho Okuyama. Before Karate Championships. Polish Team in Kumite – bronze medal: Michał Piotrkowicz, Michał Polak, Wojciech Barczak, Adam Mrozek. Children and juniors: Kacper Kalbarczyk – gold medal in kumite children 12 year old, Mateusz Wierciński – silver medal in kata...

    Training for opening of the year

    05 wrz 2018 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    Opening training 2018/2019 – we are meeting on Sunday, 9th September 2018 in Pole Mokotowskie at the monument „Thousand years of Polish horse calvary” 12.00. Sports clothes. Signs up for the Club and regular trainings will start from 10th September this year. In this school year we start with special free KOBUDO training (traditional weapon: nunchaku, tonfa) – every Thursday on Mokotow. Some pictures from our summer karate camp under title „Summer Karate Academy” August 2018.

    Summer Karate & Kobudo Academy 2018

    19 maj 2018 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    Registration for Summer Karate & Kobudo Academy 2018 is open. The camp will take place in the same location as last year – „Basia” in Mikoszewo 🙂 It is located 30 km from Gdansk on the Amber Baltic Coast. The resort is located amidst lush nature close to forest preserve. Accommodation is in cabins with bathrooms, full board so delicious it resembles home cooking. Facilities include children’s playground, football field, swimming pools, sports hall, club house and canteen. In the vicinity of the resort there...

    International Champions Tournament 2018

    27 lut 2018 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    We are preparing second edition of International Champions Tournament – Warszawa 2018. The Tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 March 2018 in Saska Kępa (School Complex 84, Zwycięzców street 44 (corner with Międzynarodowa street) 11.00 – 16.00i in different martial arts of budo: karate (forms and fighting), kobudo (forms), jujuitsu MMA (submission fighting), kenjutsu battodo (forms and tameshigiri – katana cutting test), tanto-jutsu (soft weapon fighting) and spochan (soft weapon fencing). Saturday, 10th March – children and juniors....

    Hanami on Sunday in Pola Mokotowskie

    05 maj 2016 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    This Sunday, 8th May 2016 the School of Japanese language will organize Hanami – cherry bloom festival in Pola Mokotowskie (vis a vis streets: Żwirki i Wigury and Banacha). Samurai School will give the short show at 13.30 and at 14.00 Chanabara Center will organize spochan (soft weapon fighting) tournament for children and juniors also from Warsaw Karate Center. Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz 8th dan karate, 7th dan battodo (Japanese swordsmanship) and shihandai Michael Piotrkowicz 5th dan karate, 4th dan battodo invite...

    Hanshi Piotrkowicz in „Forbes”

    05 maj 2016 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    In the magazine „Forbes” Polish edition from April 2016 is interesting article under title „Reset na tatami” (reset on tatami) and interview with hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz 8th dan karate, the founder and chief-instructor of the Warsaw Karate Center, Samurai School, Warsaw Chanbara Center and MMA Warsaw Center.  

    Master Okuyama 10 dan in Poland

    20 lis 2014 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    European Champions Tournament 2014 – karate, judo, jujitsu, kobudo, battodo, iaido, sport kenjutsu, chanbara, mma. Warsaw, Poland, 17th May 2014. 176 competitors, about  500 spectators, 3 tatami. Organizers: European Budo Association, „Wola” Sport and Recreation Association in Poland. Guest of Honour – Kancho Takemasa Okuyama 10th Dan. After his visit in Warsaw Karate Center in Poland in May 2014 and successful karate and jujitsu seminars during European Champions Tournament  Kancho Takemasa Okuyama celebrated his 10th Dan in August. It was featured here,...