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    International Champions Tournament 2018

    27 Lut 2018 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    We are preparing second edition of International Champions Tournament – Warszawa 2018. The Tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 March 2018 in Saska Kępa (School Complex 84, Zwycięzców street 44 (corner with Międzynarodowa street) 11.00 – 16.00i in different martial arts of budo: karate (forms and fighting), kobudo (forms), jujuitsu MMA (submission fighting), kenjutsu battodo (forms and tameshigiri – katana cutting test), tanto-jutsu (soft weapon fighting) and spochan (soft weapon fencing). Saturday, 10th March – children and juniors....

    Hanami on Sunday in Pola Mokotowskie

    05 maja 2016 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    This Sunday, 8th May 2016 the School of Japanese language will organize Hanami – cherry bloom festival in Pola Mokotowskie (vis a vis streets: Żwirki i Wigury and Banacha). Samurai School will give the short show at 13.30 and at 14.00 Chanabara Center will organize spochan (soft weapon fighting) tournament for children and juniors also from Warsaw Karate Center. Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz 8th dan karate, 7th dan battodo (Japanese swordsmanship) and shihandai Michael Piotrkowicz 5th dan karate, 4th dan battodo invite...

    Hanshi Piotrkowicz in „Forbes”

    05 maja 2016 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    In the magazine „Forbes” Polish edition from April 2016 is interesting article under title „Reset na tatami” (reset on tatami) and interview with hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz 8th dan karate, the founder and chief-instructor of the Warsaw Karate Center, Samurai School, Warsaw Chanbara Center and MMA Warsaw Center.  

    Master Okuyama 10 dan in Poland

    20 Lis 2014 in Bez kategorii & EVENTS

    European Champions Tournament 2014 – karate, judo, jujitsu, kobudo, battodo, iaido, sport kenjutsu, chanbara, mma. Warsaw, Poland, 17th May 2014. 176 competitors, about  500 spectators, 3 tatami. Organizers: European Budo Association, „Wola” Sport and Recreation Association in Poland. Guest of Honour – Kancho Takemasa Okuyama 10th Dan. After his visit in Warsaw Karate Center in Poland in May 2014 and successful karate and jujitsu seminars during European Champions Tournament  Kancho Takemasa Okuyama celebrated his 10th Dan in August. It was featured here,...

    Makiwara training

    26 Sie 2011 in Bez kategorii

    Takayuki Kubota’s hardcore makiwara training By Hank Hamilton Traditional Warrior Perhaps the most famous grandmaster in the world known for his „body armor” and incredible breaking ability is soke Takayuki Kubota. The only living soke (creator of a complete Japanese style karate system practiced worldwide), and one of the very few holding the 10th dan (highest attainable rank), Kubota has long been known for pounding his hands and shins with a steel sledge hammer a thousand times a day. I first became...

    Seminar in Poland 2002

    26 Sie 2011 in Bez kategorii

    Seminar in Warsaw, Poland – a Success Warsaw, Poland – Thoughts of this ancient city bring to mind legions of communist soldiers marching the streets and visions of war. A city literally destroyed by the Nazis in World War II, rebuilt by Stalin in his image of architectural idealism. A nation long known for producing some of the most gallant and fierce warriors over the millennia. With the fall of the communist empire near a decade ago much has changed...

    Takayuki „TAK” Kubota – The Master of Inner and Outer Strength

    26 Sie 2011 in Bez kategorii

    Takayuki „TAK” Kubota – The Master of Inner and Outer Strength By Jose Fraguas Takayuki Kubota is one of the most famous and respected karate masters in the United States. Born on September 20, 1934 on the Japanese island of Kyushu, he demonstrated and performed his breathtaking strength and conditioning exercises at Ed Parker’s Long Beach International Championships in 1966. In addition to teaching his very aggressive style of gosoku ryu karate, Sensei Kubota has been acknowledged as the most...

    Interview with shihan Tom Piotrkowicz

    11 Sie 2011 in BLOG

    The following is an interview conducted with Shihan Tom in 2007. Editor: So tell me about your early involvement with martial arts. Shihan Tom: I started martial arts training in 1970. That was jujutsu and judo. In 1972 I began to practice karate . In these days I was one of the first and the youngest karateka in Warsaw. Editor: Tell us about the development of martial arts in Poland. Shihan Tom: In these days martial arts practice was something...


    11 Sie 2011 in EVENTS

    SOKE TRAVELS TO POLAND On November 19-21st, Soke traveled to Warsaw, Poland to teach karate and weapons seminars. The seminars were hosted by Shihan Tom Piotrkowicz, our esteemed head instructor of IKA Poland. Assisting Soke with the teaching was Shihan Rod Kuratomi and Shihan Ted Bratakos. The group had the honor to witness the first snow storm to hit Poland this winter. It snowed almost continually the entire time we were in Poland. It was a beautiful sight to see...

    Tomasz Piotrkowicz

    01 Sie 2011 in Bez kategorii

    Tomasz Piotrkowicz’s „silver wedding” with karate. In 1997 Tomasz Piotrkowicz celebrates his 25* anniversary c training karate. He started as firstgrade secondary school studen At that time he was one of the first and the youngest in Poland. Ever day, together with a group of friends, he rode his bike to an airfield i Gocław (nowadays the site of a vast housing estate) and they traine there from early spring till late autumn. Dressed in karategi. on huge meadow, exposed...