On November 19-21st, Soke traveled to Warsaw, Poland to teach karate and weapons seminars. The seminars were hosted by Shihan Tom Piotrkowicz, our esteemed head instructor of IKA Poland. Assisting Soke with the teaching was Shihan Rod Kuratomi and Shihan Ted Bratakos. The group had the honor to witness the first snow storm to hit Poland this winter. It snowed almost continually the entire time we were in Poland. It was a beautiful sight to see Warsaw with fresh snowfall.

Friday the 19th, began with private demonstration for Soke of Tamashi-Giri (cutting practice with a samurai sword) by Shihan Tom and his sons Jacob and Michael. The demonstration was followed by a televised interview by one of the major Polish TV stations with Soke telling of his experiences in the martial arts and with Hollywood. The evening culminated with a two-hour seminar on Tonfa with Soke teaching “Washi No Kata” followed by a two-hour seminar on the katana. The katana seminar was attended by an unprecedented 70+ sword-swinging students! It was an awesome sight to see. Soke taught the katas “San Kaku Giri” and “Gyaku Giri”.

Saturday the 20th had three, two hour karate seminars being taught on kumite and Kubojitsu.

Sunday the 21st started with a seminar on kata for intermediate students on the kata “Gosoku”. It was followed by an advanced seminar on “Ju Hachi No Tachi Kata”. In addition, there was also a special two-hour judging seminar taught by Shihan Bratakos. Each of the eight classes averaged around 70 students with a student total of over 500 students for the weekend.

The evening culminated with a commemorative dinner in Soke’s honor at a beautiful restaurant in downtown Warsaw.

Soke, Shihan Ted, and Shihan Rod would like to extend our thanks to Shihan Tom Piotrkowicz for his gracious hospitality and for organizing such a successful training seminar. We are looking forward to our next trip to Poland.