Master Cup in Torino

Master Cup in Torino

On Sunday, 14th October in Torino (Italy) took place 16th edition of Coppa Dei Campioni – Master Cup. About twenty years ago shihan Piotrkowicz won two medals in Master Cup, now he was coming with his students team and his son, Michael. Master Cup was organized by shihan Giorgio Bortolin 7th dan. It was international cup for two karate federation: IKA and I-JKA, with over 80 competitors from Europe, India and USA. From Poland came two teams: IKA with shihan Tomasz Piotrkowicz and I-JKA with shihan Robert Sworek. Both teams won medals.

Our competitors won:

Michał Piotrkowicz 2 dan – bronze medal in kumite seniors lightweight,

Bartosz Dawidowski 2 dan – bronze medal in kumite seniors heavyweight,

Adam Gazda 3 dan – IV place in kumite seniors heavyweight.

In kata our competitors didn’t compete (Shotokan I-JKA rules are not for us), in team kumite we lost with winner team from Ireland.

We traveled from Warszawa to Torino by car. It was very interesting journey across seven countries, especially across beautiful in late autumn Swiss.