monthly fee 175 zł (PLN)

Fees are collected bimonthly (every two months). In Novemeber you can pay for the whole year trainings by bank transfer with  over 10% discount. Monthly fee allows you to train in all our locations.

Family discount – third and forth close family member trains in our Club for FREE.

One-time membership fee for new members is 100 zł (PLN). You will receive Handbook script.

You can buy also some Handbooks (in Polish) or DVD Karate Handbook (in English) for 50 zł (PLN).

You can also train karate in our Center and another martial arts: Mixed Martial Arts KUBOJITSU, samurai swordmanships BATTODO, soft weapon fencing CHANBARA or knife fighting TANTO-JUTSU when you pay option OPEN with 275 zł monthly.