The Warsaw Karate Center (founded 1991) is the biggest and probably the best martial arts club in the capital of Poland. We focus on recreational activities for the whole family, who can spend their time together training in our dojo. We have many foreigners in our club from Germany, France, England, Slovakia, even from USA and Japan!


The participation in karate, kobudo or kubojitsu (mma) trainings in our club will guarantee your fitness, control over emotions, concentration, self-confidence and optimistic attitude in everyday life. Correct psycho-physical development of children and the youth, adults’ keeping healthy until late age are the main assumptions of Tomasz Piotrkowicz’s 8th dan methodical programme, who follows the example of the Japanese masters’ teachings. He is one of the karate forerunners in Poland. Tradition and modernity permeate each other in the teachings of the contemporary karate.

The usefulness of old karate forms in modern self-defence is the fundamental principle of our karate-do. That’s why all kinds of people train in the club – kindergarteners, pupils, students, bodyguards, policemen, businessmen and university professors, or foreigners – employed in embassies. The club fee allows you to train every day, at different club facilities. For students it can be an interesting way of completing obligatory physical education trainings, for girls – a way to get to know effective self-defense methods.


Tomasz Piotrkowicz – 9th dan. He received the „shihan” title (martial arts’ professor) from the Japanese masters as the first Pole (in 1994 from International Karate Asso.). In 2012 he received title shihan from two Japanese Swordsmanship Federations . In 2014 master Piotrkowicz received from the World Budo Federation the highest title for trainer in martial arts  – „hanshi„.

He began ju-jutsu training in 1970 and karate at the age of 15 in 1972, as one of the first and at the same time the youngest in Poland. During studies at the Warsaw University, he co-founded the AZS karate section, at that time he trained Shotokan karate and the Korean Kyoksul style.
In 1980 he finished a karate instructor’s course organised for the first time in Poland and held trainings at the Warsaw University. In 1981 he was a referee at the 1st Championships of the Polish Karate Federation. In the course of his second studies at SGGW he also founded an AZS karate section there. He has trained many Warsaw instructors from different styles and almost a hundred owners of black belts in Poland and other countries. He taught karate in Germany as a DKV (German Karate Association) examiner, in Lithuania, in the Czech Republic. Among many masters he trained with he was mostly impressed by Hideo Ochi, Tsuguo Sakumoto, Takemasa Okuyama, Fumio Demura, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Isamu Arakaki, Minoru Higa, Morio Higaonna, Zenpo Shimabukuro, Tetsuhiro Hokama and Takayuki Kubota. He met Soke Kubota after twenty years of training karate, with 3rd dan in the Shotokan style (awarded to him by master Hideo Ochi) and decided to occupy himself with the Gosoku-ryu style. He was the president of the Polish Karate Association and 20 years the head of Gosoku-ryu style in Poland and Middle-East Europe. He is now  the president of the European Budo Association.

Hanshi Piotrkowicz is also well known expert of kobudo, tanto-jutsu so-jutsu and kenjutsu (7th dan battodo, 6th dan bojutsu, 6th dan so-jutsu, 5th dan tanto-jutsu). He introduced in Poland karate style of Gosoku-ryu, Japanese swordsmanship battodo and sports chanbara. Master Piotrkowicz is author of many books and video materials about Japanese martial arts. Now he is preparing third edition of his bestselling „Karate Handbook”.