Ryukyu Kobudo trainings in school year 2007/2008 take places every Wednesday 19.00 – 20.00 at Ursynow dojo (Koncertowa 4), also in the form of special seminars and during camps and outdoor events. Trainings are conducted by shihan Tomasz Piotrkowicz 6 dan karate and kobudo. We train with five traditional weapons: bo, tonfa, kama, nunchaku, sai. Beginners start with long staff – bo.
Advanced kobudoka (kobudo practicioner) can confront his skills with sportchanbara competitors (soft weapons) and swordsmen practicing ken-jutsu or battodo (kobudo weapons against wooden sword – bokken).


The history of Okinawa, the main island of the Ryu-kyu archipelago was very eventful. For many years there was a law forbidding the inhabitans of the islands to posses any weapons.
It was main reason for developinmg of hand-to-hand combat, called now karate (kara – empty, te – hands). It is the most effective self-defense art without the use of any weapons, invented by men. But confronting empty hands with an armed opponent especialy swordsman was not enough. Local inhabitans adopted every day tools to self defense, such as: staff, oar, sickle. Combined with knowlegde of karate these tools became very effective weapons in the hands of an expert. That’s how Ryu-kyu kobudo was created.
In our club kobudo classes are for karateka who know basic techniques and stances. We welcome also new practicioners without any experience in martial arts.
Classes are led by shihan Tomasz Piotrkowicz who learned kobudo from such Japanese masters as: Takayuki Kubota, Fumio Demura, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Toshishiro Obata and others.